Blach Construction

Blach Construction opened its doors in 1970 and the founder’s son, Mike Blach, learned the industry by working in many different capacities. When his father unexpectedly passed away in 1989, the torch was passed to Mike. He has grown the family business considerably and it has been ranked by Fortune Magazine as one of the nation’s Best Places to Work. Blach Construction has put a Silicon Valley spin on construction by using virtual design and construction (VDC) to “build” projects with computers so potential trouble spots can be identified and remedied ahead of time.

By 2014 the company’s needs far exceeded its cramped headquarters. Purchasing new space with 504 funding allowed Blach to add more than 15 new team members, and provide room for future growth. It also includes a dedicated shop where portions of projects can be constructed in a safe, clean environment regardless of weather conditions. Doing so saves time and money, which allows the company to deliver on its promise of excellent customer service.

Company Name


San Jose, CA

Project Size

88,260 sf

Bank Partner

Heritage Bank of Commerce

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