Yandell Truckaway, Inc.

Alicia Yandell Hamilton’s grandfather started Yandell Truckaway in 1945 after returning from World War II. Initially, Yandell Truckaway served the wine industry, then expanded to haul beer and food items. The company’s ownership also evolved, with Alicia’s father, John Jr., taking the helm in the 1970s. Being based near one of the world’s leading technology centers and accessing the latest innovations is a key competitive advantage, making Yandell Truckaway the first trucking company West of the Mississippi to utilize barcoding technology in its warehouses.

Customer care was a key consideration that motivated the Yandells to relocate to Stockton in 2018. They purchased property with 504 funding and the much larger location provides them with central access to their clients and created ten new jobs in the community. As Alicia works shoulder to shoulder with her father and brother, she says it’s exactly as her grandparents would have wanted it.

Company Name

Yandell Truckaway, Inc.


Stockton, CA

Project Size

6,200 sf/124,582 sf yard

Bank Partner

Heritage Bank of Commerce

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