Brenda’s Meat & Three

Brenda Buenviaje began her culinary career in New Orleans, right out of college and long before there were many celebrity chefs – and fewer female chefs. She quickly moved up and made a name for herself at a well-known NOLA restaurant before relocating to San Francisco. Brenda brought her Southern point of view with her and opened Brenda’s French Soul Food in 2007. The award-winning restaurant was a hit and in 2015 Brenda’s Meat & Three opened for business.

Then at the height of the pandemic, the property owner announced the San Francisco building would be sold. Brenda, along with her business partner/wife and two other business partners, worked with Bay Area Development, secured SBA 504 funding, and bought the building. The restaurant temporarily closed during the area’s mandatory shutdown, but patrons showed up for take-out. This was a big accomplishment, as was being invited to cook at the James Beard House…twice. But Brenda says what makes her proudest is knowing her kids are watching her, learning about determination, and finding one’s potential.

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Oakland, CA

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Redwood Credit Union

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